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Posted by Mike on Oct 29, 2013

Lego Marvel Superheroes

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SG Rating: 3D Ready. Latest in the Lego franchise does not disappoint with barrels of brick smashing puzzles and fun. It follows the Lego formula, but we love that, and it is packed with the characteristic humour that make these games so great. Game was released (by error) with no 3d renderer support, but a Helixmod fix is available to save the day.

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Newest in the Lego series, it’s big, it’s fun, and it has hundreds of playable superheroes and villains in it. We love the Lego games, and this is possibly our favourite so far. The gameplay is the same as all the others, but like Batman 2, there is also an “open world” element to it in how you can explore New York City in between set levels.

A demo was released for this game, and it had implemented – like lego games before it – its own custom 3d renderer which was basically flawless with one major problem: convergence is tied separation and FOV, so while the game switches between cut-scenes and gameplay, the convergence dynamically changes and often ends up a values so high the images are off the screen. And convergence is *not* adjustable. To adjust it requires that you lower depth. This is quite unsatisfactory for an otherwise great looking game, and Lego Marvel suffers from the convergence swings and extremes more than previous games. The retail game was released and the 3d renderer was not enabled. This made it look absolutley awful and entirely unplayable – but convergence was unlocked… Fortunately a helixmod fix has been developed and is available on the helixmod blog site.

Helixmod Fix
This has been written by mike_ar69, and is available here. Without the game renderer working, basically everything is broken in the game, and the helixmod fixes pretty much everything, bar a few minor anomalies. Importantly, convergence is unlocked, and does not swing all over the place anymore, so gameplay is much more comfortable, and depth does not need to be reduced. Two more important points are that (a) the hud is a bit messy, with parts at different depths, and (b) the targetting cross-hair is 2D (though this is true with the games own renderer). All in all the fix transforms the game to 3D Ready.

Testing on an Intel i5-3570K @4.2Ghz and a GTX770, the games runs between 50-60FPS at 1080p with everything on maximum, though occasionally in cut scenes there are drops to the 40s. That being said, we disable DOF and motion blur, two things that are not helpful in stereo 3D. We are not sure why it drops to the 40s with such a setup, though this never happens during gameplay. Otherwise the game is very smooth and performs well.

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